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The Equestrian

I decided when I was 17 that I did not want to be a professional equestrian. Equestrian means horseback rider, or competitor, or athlete, or trainer, depending on who’s speaking. I generally think it just means ‘horseperson who works extremely hard 25 hours a day/8 days a week out of a love for horses.’ I know how to do that, and in fact I’ve done it very successfully in several different (ahem!) arenas. However, I always love having the time to cuddle with one or two special equine friends, without the pressures of taking care of 30 horses at a time, or trying to get 5 or 6 prepared for the same competition, or worrying about getting the deworming rotation done correctly. I know that I can competently sit on most English-trained horses, and not just a few Western ones either. I know that I can supervise a boarding and training operation in North America, whether it has 6 horses or 60. I can groom and bathe and braid and muck with the best of ‘em (Cornstarch, QuikBraid, and Poultice anyone?). And I know that I can teach and train most greenies, human and equine, to learn a little bit of something (Not the pet treat Greenies, but ‘green’ as in beginner or newly introduced to a concept!). This knowledge and my experience thus far gives me the confidence to honestly say that I don’t want to be a professional equestrian. I’m pretty happy to just be a competent amateur.


My parents, who have been involved with the horse biz since before I was born, gave me the option to pursue horses professionally when I started looking at colleges. “If you want to do this, we’ll give you the money to pursue a working student position with the best of the best.” This was a pretty generous offer, considering that I was already training and competing with a very competent 2** level eventer, my father Matt Trynoski, at Baythone Farm. It was very tempting, but having seen the ratrace which exists in a horseperson’s career, I said thanks, but not right now, maybe later. I did take the opportunity to do it later, after I obtained my Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University.